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Thursday 6 July - Sunday 9 July 2017 Blake Park

The Tai Mitchell tournament began in 1938, and is one of the most important events in junior rugby. Held at Blake Park this year, with finals held at Arataki Park, ten teams will contest the annual Bay of Plenty-wide primary school tournament. This year the top six teams have qualified to play for the Tai Mitchell Shield; Te Puke, Tauranga West, Tauranga North,Tauranga East, Opotiki and Whakatane. The following teams will compete for the Bill Murray Trophy, Galatea, Rangitaiki, Rotorua Maroon and Rotorua Gold.

The original Tai Mitchell Shield was presented by Mr Henry Taiporutu Mitchell in 1938, for competition among the primary school teams representing The Bay of Plenty rugby sub-unions. Mitchell was a renowned Rotorua sports administrator and a supporter of all codes.

The tournament doubles as a trial for the Bay of Plenty Roller Mills team, which will represent the province at the northern regional tournament against sides from Northland, Auckland, Thames Valley, King Country, Waikato and North Harbour.

Tai Mitchell Results:


Tai Mitchell Shield Te Puke
Laurence Boynton Shield West
Gavin Parkinson Shield East
Rob Shaw Cup Opotiki
Bill Murray Trophy Maroon
Shepheard Trophy Galatea
Player of the Tournament No. 11 Te Puke Nacani Batidravu

Order of Finish:

1. Te Puke
2. Tauranga West
3. Tauranga East
4. Opotiki
5. Whakatane
6. Tauranga North
7. Rotorua Maroon
8. Rangitaiki
9. Rotorua Gold
10. Galatea

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Tai Mitchell Final Results:

Tai Mitchell Shield Final:
Te Puke 26 v Tauranga West 21

Tai Mitchell 3rd and 4th Play Off:
Tauranga East 25 v Opotiki 10

Tai Mitchell 5th and 6th Play Off:
Whakatane 24 v Tauranga North 17

Bill Murray Trophy Final:
Rotorua Maroon 56 v Rangitaiki 12

Bill Murray 3rd & 4th Play Off:
Rotorua Gold 34 v Galatea 15

Tai Mitchell Shield Results Day 3:

Tauranga West 19 v Tauranga East 5
Te Puke 45 v Opotiki 15

Bill Murray Trophy Results Day 3:

Rangitaiki 15 v Rotorua Gold 12
Rotorua Maroon 100 v Galatea 0

Tai Mitchell Shield Results Day 2:

Te Puke 45 v Tauranga East 17
Opotiki 45 v Tauranga North 7
Tauranga West 36 v Whakatane 24
Te Puke 55 v Opotiki 12
Whakatane 24 v Tauranga North 19
Tauranga East 24 v Tauranga West 12

Billy Murray Trophy Results Day 2:

Rangitaiki 47 v Galatea 5
Rotorua Maroon 41 v Rotorua Gold 0
Rotorua Maroon 84 v Galatea 5
Rotorua Gold 24 v Rangitaiki 21

Tai Mitchell Shield Results Day 1:

Te Puke 62 v Whakatane 7
Tauranga West 10 v Opotiki 7
Tauranga East 14 v Tauranga North 5

Billy Murray Trophy Results Day 1:

Rotorua Maroon 47 v Rangitaiki 7
Rotorua Gold 50 v Galatea 5

Tournament Documentation:

Click here for the Official Consent Form

Click here for the Official Team Sheet

Click here for the 2017 Tai Mitchell and BOP Primary Schools Directory with key contacts

Click here for the 2017 Tai Mitchell Coaches and Managers Manual

Click here for weigh in information

Tai Mitchell Tauranga North Squad:

Click here for the 2017 Tauranga North Squad

Tai Mitchell Results:

2016 Finals Results:

1st - 2nd: Tauranga East 20 v Rotorua Maroon 38
3rd - 4th: Rotorua Gold 7 v Tauranga West 15
5th - 6th: Te Puke 38 v Whakatane 24
7th - 8th: Rangitaiki 43 v Opotiki 15
9th - 10th: Tauranga North 29 v Galatea 15

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