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Coaching Match Officials (Referees and Assistant Referees)

New Zealand Rugby has developed a series of online courses for referee coaches. The main goal of this programme is to improve the capability of referee coaches and referees for the benefit of rugby in New Zealand. We want to coach and develop referees to be as good as they can be, whatever their goals.

To achieve this, we need great coaches.

Let's have a look at how the programme is set out.

The Coaching Match Official (CMO) Programme is delivered in three modules:

1. Foundation Module

2. Development Module

3. Performance Module

Each of these modules need to be completed in order, starting with the foundation module, development modules and finally the performance module.

1. Foundation Module - An Introduction To Coaching

The Foundation Module has four components.

1.1 What is Coaching?
1.2 Coaching Philosophy
1.3 Coaching in Practice
1.4 Review

CMO Foundation

2. Development Module

The Development Module has four stages. Those stages are:

Development Module Stage 1

Stage 1 has four components. They are:

2.1 Foundation recap.
2.2 Goal Setting.
2.3 Motivation.
2.4 Planning part one.

CMO Development Stage 1

Development Module Stage 2

Stage 2 has four components. They are:

2.5 Stage one recap
2.6 Athletic-Centric Coaching
2.7 Effective Communication
2.8 Planning part two

CMO Development Stage 2

Development Module Stage 3

Stage 3 has five components. They are:

2.9 Introduction.
2.10 Self-Qualities.
2.11 Handling Disappointment.
2.12 Managing Conflict.
2.13 Your Plan.

CMO Development Stage 3

3. Performance Module - Working with referees who want go as far as they can.

(This module has not yet been completed.)

Benefits Of Studying Online

There are many benefits to studying online. They include:

1 Study at your own pace
2 Study whenever it’s convenient to you
3 More comfortable learning environment
4 There’s no commuting to classes

In order to complete any of these modules, you need to go to the New Zealand Rugby Online Learning Portal at:

Just contact me and I'll arrange for the Foundation Module to be loaded to your account.

As you complete the modules, don't forget to print off your certificate.

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