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Player Transfer Application Form

Please Note: Player Transfers only required during the Competition Season

The Club, to which the below player is transferring, understands that the player must be registered with his/her new club, and CANNOT play for his/her new Club for seven days upon receipt of both the transfer application and registration form by the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union. Clubs must also be aware that it is against the rules to register a player without first transferring him /her.

Note: For a full version of the transfer rule click here to refer to the club regulations.

Procedure for Transfer:

The Transfer Request is not valid until the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union Club Administrator has received written approval from the former club. The Bay of Plenty Rugby Union Club Administrator will contact the former club and they will have seven days to respond.

New Club Details

Secretary/President of the Club transferring to (New Club)

Former Club Details

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