This World Rugby coaching course will provide coaches with a basic understanding of how to coach rugby. It is predominantly aimed at coaches who are currently coaching Junior and Secondary School rugby, plus coaches who are new to coaching rugby.

At the completion of this course, coaches will receive a World Rugby Level 1 certificate. Following that some coaches may decide to participate in the Developing Rugby Coaches Level 2 course, which is more in depth. It promises to be a highly interactive, practical course full of fun and laughter.

Up Coming Courses 

EBOP - 15th of November, 5:30pm - 8:30pm 

Dick Littlejohn Pavillion. Rugby Park Whakatane  

CBOP  -  Tuesday 6th of December 5:30 - 8:30pm 

Marist St Michaels Rugby Club, Rotorua

Course Content

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

  • Attributes of a great Coach
  • Attributes of a great rugby training

Coaching Process & Delivery Methods:

  • Explain, Demo, Observe, Feedback
  • Push v Pull
  • Show, Tell, Do

Running An Effective Practice

  • Whole / Part / Whole
  • Progression Based Coaching