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School RIPPA/RIP Rugby Coaching Course

Rippa has simply exploded in the BOP where we have upwards of 250 coaches. Following on from high demand last year, we are going to offer a coaching course for school rippa coaches. We all want our children to have an awesome experience of rippa, so come along and build confidence and learn some new coaching tips.

When: TBC
Please bring your child along if you want (they can do the practical elements, while also keeping your loved one in the good books hopefully).

Simply find your school and click on the link

NOTE: There is no requirement for School RIPPA/RIP Rugby Coaches to complete the Police Vetting section of Coach Registration form. This is because ALL SCHOOLS require their volunteers (including sports team coaches) to be Police Vetted through their school.

The free course will take approximately 75 minutes. There are 2 courses times on offer, so please sign up for your preferred course time.
• 4:00pm to 5:15pm
• 6:00pm to 7:15pm

The course will cater for coaches who are both experienced and also brand new to rippa, as well as coaches who run team trainings plus those that simply turn up and manage their team on the night.

It will be predominantly practical, so please wear comfortable clothing. You can join in with your kids if you want!!

Course will cover:
1. Understanding of rippa rules - this will be done practically outside
2. Ideas for engaging team trainings
3. Tips on how to cater for different ability levels
4. Other hot topics that you bring

Following this course, you will be a registered coach and may receive coaching and other updates from both BOP Rugby and also New Zealand Rugby if you wish.

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