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A New Name and New Coaches for Bay U19 and U23 squads

Friday, August 2, 2019
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Culum Retallick played more than 100 games for the Steamers, however he finds himself in a new vocation as the Bay of Plenty Steamers Development coach.

In his playing days Retallick was known for his never give up attitude even in the face of overwhelming odds. Great traits for an up-and-coming coach who has only two years of experience in his new trade.

Currently the coach of Tauranga Sports, Retallick along with James Porter have been named as the Bay Steamers Development coach and Bay Under 19 coach respectively.

Retallick says it is an honour to be given his new role working with the young rugby talent in the Bay.

“I’m pretty stoked and lucky to be given the opportunity and I plan on making the most of it. Getting the opportunity for these young guys to showcase themselves around the country.

“We’ve just got to make sure they’re putting their best foot forward. At the end of the if there is a knock on the door from the Steamers or someone else. Then we’ve done our job.”

Retallick says he has been working closely with Steamers’ coach Clayton McMillan to ensure his players are ready to step up if required.

“If there are injuries, then there will be some real opportunities for our guys, if they’re playing good footy then they have a good chance of being selected.”

The coach says he has a lot of young talent within the team.

“We’re playing in the development competition, but our team has a real Under 23 focus. So, there is going to be a lot of young talent on display. Obviously, we are building on what the Bay Under 19s did last year.”

James Porter, the man in charge of this year’s Bay Under 19 team says he is excited to build on what last year’s team achieved.

“Our job is to grow Steamers. So, some years you’re going to have a successful playing season and other years its about developing the Steamers that we need.

“If we are growing Steamers here in the Bay then we’re not having to try and recruit them outside the region.”

Porter has the help of Te Puna coach Aidan Kuka and former Steamer and New Zealand rugby professional referee Glen Jackson to help with the team.

“The real power that Glen brings is he is a Test referee and he’s also a player who has played professionally. So, he sees the game in a particular way that others won’t.

“Then you have Aidan who just won the Farmlands Cooperative Baywide Men’s Premier 1 final, and he has previously won the Tai Mitchell Tournament and he has earned his right to be coaching at this level. Both mean bring special qualities that our team will benefit from.”

Bay of Plenty Steamers coach Clayton McMillan says both teams have been re-branded this season with the Steamers Development now called Bay of Plenty Ngawha and the Under 19’s known as Bay of Plenty Toa.

“We went to the public via Facebook to see if there were any suggestions and Ngawha and Toa were amongst a few others that was presented to the Board.

“Obviously, we wanted to stick to the strong Steamers brand and our affinity with our Maori culture and those two names are a great representative of this,” McMillan says.

“It just gives those teams a great sense of identity other than just an Under-19s or an Under-23 squad.”

McMillan was also instrumental in bringing back the Development team after an absence of four years.

“Through the success of our academy program and the talent across our club teams. I felt like we’ve increased the depth of talent in the region.

“We needed to find a bridge between that and the Steamers and bringing that team back will hopefully achieve that.”

Both Retallick and Porter will look to name their squads in the coming weeks.

Bay of Plenty Ngawha 2019 Management
Head Coach: Culum Retallick
Assistant Coaches: Pingi Taalapitaga & Phil Falamoe
Manager: David Gorrie
Campaign Manager: Regan Innis
Physio: Victor Malbon
Bay of Plenty Toa 2019 Management:
Head Coach: James Porter
Assistant Coaches:  Glenn Jackson & Aidan Kuka
Manager: Michaela Tahere
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Scott Joblin
Physio:  Aine Conway
Analyst: Hannah McDonald

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