Read these instructions first, then apply them to each video below:


  • Pause footage when attacker first contacts defender
  • Note down Attackers (A) or Defenders (D) based on who you think will control the following breakdown
  • Play it on and tick or cross if you got it right/wrong


  • This is a practice exercise, and not a test, so don’t get caught up in the right or wrong of it
  • Don’t watch the clip more than once
  • Don’t worry about what the ref does or what the decision is or should be
  • If the attack win clean ball or a PK without CLEARLY infringing then they are the team in control
  • If the defence win or legally slow the ball or win (or should win) a clear PK then they are in control of the breakdown
  • We can all be clever and go looking with a microscope for every little infringement, but this is not the purpose of the exercise, this is about the big picture