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Cobb & Co Restaurant & Saloon
Junior Player of the Week

Coaches and Parents we want to hear from you! The Bay of Plenty Rugby Union want to reward positive and sportsmanlike behaviour, as well as fantastic moments in 2014 Junior rugby - Bay Wide Bay Pride!

Looking out for this positive behaviour could be a good job for those wearing the Cobb & Co anti-sideline abuse bibs on game day.

Please share your positive stories that happened at the game as a one-off or based on a players ongoing contribution of positive attitude and effort (where you have a short video/photo of the player with their Cobb & Co Player of the Day certificate).

Each week we will select a great video/photo and story to be shared as Cobb & Co Junior player of the week, on this webpage and on our Facebook.

THEN at the end of August, each of the weekly winners will go in a draw which will see one player be selected to be a Steamer for the Day!

Submit your story and photo/video below:

Have a winning attitude and become a WINNER with totalCom!

Each week we will display a key word around good sportsmanship, fair play and the anti-bully message. The challenge is for you to write a sentence using this key word in a positive way. Each week the sentence that best showcases the message that sport is for fun and/or that no one likes a bully, will be selected and shared on this page and on our Facebook.

THEN at the end of August each of the weekly winners will go into the draw with one being selected to be a Steamer for the day!

This week’s key word is: ACHIEVE

(Example: Key word:FAIR - "I like to be a team player because it makes our rugby more fun."

Submit your winning attitude with a photo below:

Samurai Out & About

Get caught Out & About in your Steamers gear in 2014 for fantastic and unique opportunities!

The concept is pretty easy, keep an eye out for notifications of when and where we will be Out and About with High Performance and Steamers players (these will tend to be released on the day via social media), then make sure you’re there, Bay Proud in Blue AND Gold!

CLICK HERE to view the poster

For now you’ll get a chance to meet and greet with the players and we’ll share some of the photos taken, plus distribute some giveaways. We’ll also keep your details so that closer to the ITM Cup season, when the 2014 Steamers team is announced, we can invite you back to be involved in a pretty cool and unique opportunity!

So to be in the know, follow us on:

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