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Introduction to Rugby Refereeing

Welcome to our online training programme, “Introduction to Rugby Refereeing”. The content of this course does not assume any previous experience in the sport of rugby refereeing. It is the first stage in the rugby refereeing training and development pathway.

This online course has been written and designed directly from New Zealand Rugby’s publication of the same name, “Introduction to Rugby Refereeing.” It consists of the same 14 modules from the work book and turned into short 2-4 minute videos for the participant to watch and learn from.

How to complete this online course:

  1. Downloads and print off the, “Introduction to Rugby Refereeing” Workbook by clicking here.
  2. Scroll down and watch the videos.
  3. At the conclusion of each video, complete the relevant module assessment sheet in the workbook for your own reference.

There is no pass or fail, nor is there a need to submit your work for marking. This online course has been provided simply to provide you with another way of learning the first stage in the rugby refereeing training and development pathway.


Introduction and Welcome
Module 1: The Role of the Referee
Module 2: Fixture Organisation
Module 3: Whistle! Signals! Verbals!
Module 4: Where do I stand?
Module 5: The Kicks of Rugby
Module 6: Tackle Ball carrier brought to ground
Module 7: Ruck and Maul
Module 8: Scrum
Module 9: Lineout
Module 10: Offside and onside in general play
Module 11: Foul Play
Module 12: Advantage, free kicks and penalty kicks
Module 13: Assistant Referee/Touch Judging
Module 14: Method of scoring – ingot

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