Both referees and assistant referees have a responsibility to report all instances of all temporary suspensions (yellow cards), send offs (red cards), serious referee abuse, and games that have to be called off due to foul play or misconduct.

In the case of temporary suspensions (yellow cards), send offs (red cards), serious abuse and where games have to be called off, a Judicial Hearing may take place. In the interest of natural justice, the New Zealand Rugby Disciplinary Rules gives all match officials (and anyone who wishes to instigate proceedings) a maximum time of 48 hours from the completion of the match that the incident occurs, to submit their report to the Provincial Union having jurisdiction over the match.

Step One:
As soon as possible after the completion of the match, all referees and assistant referees involved in the incident must ensure you have positively identified all players involved in the incident. This includes their full name, the number on their jersey and the position they played during the game.

Step Two:
All match officials below Premier level must call a Judicial Representative listed below as soon as possible after the game and BEFORE you submit your report. All send off and Blue Card reports must be received by the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union within 48 hours of the completion of the game (Red Cards 24 hours), including an additional Assistant Referee report if the incident was reported to the referee by them.

BOPRU Referees Disciplinary Manager (ALL Red Cards):
Geoff Kaye 021-192-0184

BOPRU Referees Law Coordinator:
Graeme Meyrick 027-271-5908

BOPRU Referee Manager:
Jackson Reuben-Swinton 021-192-8775

Step Three:
Once you’ve discussed the circumstances surrounding the incident relating to your report, you MUST then fill out a Disciplinary Match Official Report. This can be accessed via the MyRugby Manager App.


If you are unable to submit the report via the app, use the form link below. If the incident includes Referee Abuse, please also complete the Referee Abuse Notification form for NZ Rugby to provide support.

Referee and/or Assistant Referee to complete. Use the Disciplinary Match Official Report for...

  • Red Cards
  • Yellow Cards

New Zealand Rugby captures all information about Referee Abuse to firstly support the Match Official who has been abused, but also to tackle this problem nationwide.

If you think you have been abused (verbally, physically or intimidated) click here to read about what Referee Abuse is. If it meets the definition, then fill in the above NZR form.

  • If the abuse was from a player during the game, and a card was issued, the card disciplinary report must ALSO be completed
  • If the abuse was from a non-player, the above NZR form will begin this process of support. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch straight away for support!

Any Match Official to complete. Use the Match Report for...

  • Game On activated
  • Event Manager not present
  • Field Setup (lines, ropes, tech zones etc)
  • Team Compliance (team lists, inspections)
  • Health & Safety
  • General behaviour issues (not serious abuse)
  • Anything to note from the game which does not fall under another form.
  • Positive feedback!

Referee only to complete. Use the Blue Card Report for...

  • Blue Card issued
  • Blue Card not issued, but suspected concussion and requesting follow-up

Team Managers have responsibility to complete for the following injuries...

  • A head or spinal injury that results in the player being admitted to hospital
  • An injury or medical event (e.g. a heart attack) that results in the death of a player during match play or rugby training
  • An injury that is expected to result in some permanent disability (e.g. loss of use of a limb, loss of an eye)