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Grow as a referee and connect with others at our BOPRU Referees Education sessions!

We offer a variety of ways to engage and learn, including Baywide Meetings, Online Education Forums, and small group "Pods" with others who live near you.

Sessions are held Mondays (unless there is a Special Event or Public Holiday). Our season launches mid-late March, and wraps up by August.

Check your emails, the latest Referee Club Updates, or our BOPRU Referees Calendar for details and dates.

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Before, During, After your match...

  • Preparation night before, GROW plan, prep on how you want to referee the game. Think of your core goals for the overall game. 
  • Take a breather everytime you make a decision, be confident via your body language and whistle when making a decision.
  • Recover right, and your way! Switch off and take time to reflect on the game. What can you do to get better? What is your next goal for the next game? How are you going to prepare for this next match?

Key vocab for escalation...

  • Useful phrases which give you options rather than cornering yourself as a referee: "I may have to escalate if this happens again" or "if this continues I may have to use alternative sanctions".
  • Game Day Management reflection session notes

Bonus - an insight at the top...

  • Ever wanted to know how the pros work with each other as a team of 4? Check out the Super Rugby role clarity document. Much bigger than what we do in community rugby, but some good tips to be aware of when working together as teams of 3! 


Click the image below to check out our Law Lounge page to catch all the videos and resources of this educational Law discussion series!

Check out the Rugby Toolbox for a variety of Referee education resources, plus training, fitness and other awesome content to immerse yourself in a rugby education! Go to and also check it out on Instagram and Facebook


How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis by Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap.
‘FACE COVID’ is a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the Corona crisis, using the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Here’s a quick summary of the key steps, and in this document you can explore them all in more depth:

  • F = Focus on what’s in your control
  • A = Acknowledge your thoughts & feelings
  • C = Come back into your body
  • E = Engage in what you’re doing
  • C = Committed action
  • O = Opening up
  • V = Values
  • I = Identify resources
  • D = Disinfect & distance

Headfirst was created to help players, coaches, referees, support staff and families in the rugby community to support their own wellbeing and that of others. There's no better time to check out the site, and put into practice some of their tips and strategies.
Also check out this document "Looking After Your Wellbeing During Uncertainty". Ensure you have a Fit Mind for Tough Times.