Koha Information

A Koha (gift, donation) is offered to all appointed Match Officials for Bay of Plenty Rugby competition games, from Under-11 to Premier Rugby.

Click the links below for all information, including opting-in and the distribution of the Koha.

Quick Guide - How does it work?

  • Match Officials must opt-in to receive a Koha. It is offered to all appointed Match Officials
  • Referees receive $20/full-length match. Assistant Referees, Referee Coaches and Sideline Managers receive $10/full-length match.
  • A travel koha (maximum 1/day) is offered in addition to the above Match Koha, It is already calculated as a return trip. See Travel Zone map for details. Koha is $25 per zone travelled (not including origin zone).


Referee lives in Papamoa and is appointed to a fixture in Te Teko. The Assistant Referees live in Whakatane and Opotiki. All have opted in to receive travel. The referee will be offered a total of $70 for the match ($20 Match Koha, plus 2x Travel Zones of $25 each, $50). The AR in Whakatane will be offered $10 (no Travel Zone travelled to) and the Opotiki AR will be offered $35 ($10 Match Koha plus 1x Travel Zone).

Koha Travel Zones​​​​​​​