Referee Registration Process
Step 1: Get Registered
Step 2: Pay Your Subs
Step 3: Update your availability on AppointMe
Step 4: Complete RugbySmart

Step 1: Get Registered

Online Registration
Submit an online registration form by clicking below

Step 2: Pay your Yearly Subscription

Referee Club Subscriptions for 2023 are outlined below:

  • Standard Subscription (Referees & Referee Coaches) - $40.00
  • Student/Social Subscription (Secondary/Tertiary Students & Social Members) - $20.00
  • Junior Referees (Panel 5, Associate, Rippa/Rip, You Make The Call) - NO CHARGE

Panel 5 Referees - your subscription payment is optional. There are no drawbacks or extra benefits with paying or not - it is simply if you wish to contribute to the Club.

Payment is due upon completion of registration, but AT LATEST by the end of the month of your first appointed game for the 2023 season.

Pay your 2023 Subscription online

Select YOUR subscription amount in your registration form. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay at the BOTTOM of the email.

Can't pay online?

Email for more payment options. Your subs may be automatically deducted from your first koha payment if they are not already paid.

Step 3: Update AppointMe

​​​​​​​3.1 Set or Update your password
You will receive an automatically generated email to set your password for AppointMe.

Read the AppointMe User Guide for support with logging in and setting your availability. There is also a walk-through video available. See our AppointMe page for more details.

3.2 Set your availability
By default, you will be UNAVAILABLE, and as such unable to be appointed to fixtures. Log in to AppointMe and set your availability for at least the next two months.

Step 4: Complete RugbySmart

Rugbysmart is an annual COMPULSORY course that all coaches and referees must complete at the beginning of every season. When you register you are given THREE options to complete RugbySmart:

  1. RugbySmart Online eLearning Course - link provided to you immediately following registration
  2. RugbySmart Online Webinar - select your date on the Registration form, link will be sent by NZ Rugby closer to the time
  3. RugbySmart in-person Workshop - three dates available here in Bay of Plenty. Select your date on the Registration form and attend

2023 Rugbysmart Course Dates:
Course dates for 2023 can be selected on the Registration Form (Webinar or in-person Workshop) or viewed on our Referee Club Calendar. Email: with any questions about completing RugbySmart.

If you are registering as a referee for the very first time, you have a couple of additional steps to complete.

Step 5: Download Our Induction Manual
Our induction manual is designed to detail to you all of the administrative, logistical and educational processes that we have in place to ensure the smooth transition of all of our 1st year referees into our club.

At the end of the manual, you will be required to return to us a "New Referee Checklist".

To download the 2019 New Referee Induction Manual click the following button. The 2023 Manual will be updated and available in March.

Step 6: Complete our online Introduction to Rugby Refereeing course

Our online training course, “Introduction to Rugby Refereeing” and its contents does not assume any previous experience in the sport of rugby refereeing. It is the first stage in the rugby refereeing training and development pathway.

This online course has been written and designed directly from New Zealand Rugby’s publication of the same name, “Introduction to Rugby Refereeing.”

It consists of the same modules from the work book and turned into an interactive online course for the participant to watch and learn from.

An exciting new interactive programme is in its final stages of production! You will be contacted once it is ready to complete. To view the previous version of the online Introduction to Rugby Refereeing course, click the following button.