Refereeing Sevens

Same Same... but Different

​​​​​​​Sevens has only a handful of changes to law compared to XV-side, but the way the game is played looks and feels quite different. It provides players more space on the field to attack, mistakes and turnovers become more costly, and the way a referee keeps the game flowing (or not) can have an impact on the outcome. Fine margins, fast pace, plenty of fun! 


Ahead of each Sevens season, BOPRU Referees offers Sevens Referee Development sessions. No prior experience necessary, all welcome and encouraged to attend! These are a great refresher also for those involved in previous years, and are invaluable opportunities for sharing experiences and learning from each other. Check below for any upcoming training dates, and resources/recordings from previous sessions.


Sevens is typically played in single or multi-day tournaments, with most in the October to December window. Check out our Tournaments page for more info on what's coming up locally and further afield, along with details of how to get involved!

Sevens Referee Development Sessions

2022 Session Dates​​​​​​​

  • Monday 10th October 2022
    • Practical Sevens Referee Development - BOPRU, 6:30pm
  • Monday 17th October 2022
    • Online Sevens Priorities Session - Referees & Coaches - 7pm

Sevens Development Resources

2023 Global Law Trials + Law Application Guideline Update

Some of the 2023 GLT and LAG apply to Sevens. These are summarised below, but aren't expected to have a wholesale affect on the Sevens game:

Deliberate knock-ons

  • Players must endeavour to catch the ball. Referees are asked to show good judgement when deciding if a player has a reasonable expectation of catching and gaining possession, and then in determining a sanction. (in Sevens, if it is deemed a deliberate KO, the sanction should always be PK + YC or PT + YC if applicable)

Negative player action

  • Referees will be asked to be strong on negative player actions. For example, trapping players into ruck, and first arriving players (the jackler) not aiming to play the ball.

Players on the floor

  • Players who put their hands on the floor at tackles, rucks and mauls are subject to sanction, although judgement can be used if the player is using the ground briefly to maintain their own balance and stability.

Water Carriers & Additional Persons (within playing enclosure)

  • Up to two water carriers per team may bring water at tries. They must depart once the conversion has taken place.
  • No additional persons should approach, address or aim comments at the match officials, except for medics in relation to the treatment of a player.
  • SANCTION - PK where play would restart