NZ Rugby in partnership with Sporty have developed the match officials appointments system called AppointMe, which is utilised by Bay of Plenty Rugby Referees. AppointMe has been built with very similar functionality to WhosTheRef, but with a much smoother, simpler look and feel.

When you register online for the season, you will receive an email with login instructions - please follow those instructions carefully. If you have any issues, please read the User Guide below and watch the support video. Please then email if you require any further assistance - do not email Sporty or NZ Rugby.

​​​​​​​By default, you will be automatically UNAVAILABLE for all dates, unless you change it to make yourself available. An unavailable referee cannot be appointed to a game, so you will not get appointed unless you make yourself available.

It is recommended that all match officials (referees, referee coaches and sideline officials) have their availability set for the upcoming TWO MONTHS. For example, in April it would be best to have your availability for May and June. This will help our Appointments Managers and Committee very much as they often plan for appointments 5-6 weeks ahead of time.

Match Officials
Access AppointMe -​​​​​​​

Appointment Managers
Access AppointMe Admin -​​​​​​​

Appointments Policy

Bay of Plenty Rugby Referees have an Appointments Board which makes appointments for all Senior, Sceondary and Representative Rugby - an Appointments Facilitator is a part of this group and responsible for the functions of the board, and is the main contact point. Junior Rugby (U11-13) is handled locally by Junior Appointments Facilitators.

Visit the Match Official Appointments Page for details about the current Appointments Board and Junior Appointments Facilitators.

As part of Appointments Policy, all Match Officials need to be aware of the following:

  • Email is the primary form of appointments communication - members need to check this at least every other day during the season (March to August)
  • Appointments must be responded to within 48hrs (ACCEPT or DECLINE)
  • Availability must be kept up to date within AppointMe, preferably set 6-8 weeks in advance. Changes should be updated and communicated as soon as known.

More detail contained within the full Appointments & Selection Policy document.