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Match Official Appointments

Match Official Appointments are displayed below for each grade of rugby. Please note the following:

  • Match Officials are only displayed once they have been appointed and have ACCEPTED that appointment.
  • If there is no match official listed, then there is NO official confirmed for your game.
  • Appointments are usually released to match officials 1-2 weeks ahead of a fixture, but in some cases where an official becomes unavailable, there may then be a late appointment made. So please ensure you check right up to 24hrs prior to the match.
  • Appointments for all Senior, 1st XV and Representative matches are completed by the Appointments Committee, which comprises the Match Officials Coaching/Support Manager, Referee Coach Coordinator, Senior Appointments Facilitator, plus a Referee Coach Representative from each region.
  • In the Bay of Plenty we have a number of highly experienced volunteers who take care of appointing match officials to games. The main contacts for each grade are listed below.

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Senior Appointments Facilitator & Secondary Schools Appointments Manager

Ian Crowe
Ph: 0275738650
Email: croweijcm@orcon.net.nz

Contact for appointments relating to the following grades**:
- Premier Men
- Division 1
- Premier Women
- Premier Development
- Division 2
- Sub Union Senior Reserve
- 1st XV (Top 4, Super 8, Boys Division 1-3, Girls Premier)
- 2nd XV
- Under 14/15/16

**For MID-WEEK games, contact Cam Russell cam@boprugby.co.nz

WBOP Junior Appointments Manager

Peter Morgan
Ph: 0274511490
Email: petelenmorgan@gmail.com

EBOP Junior Appointments Manager

Grant Moore
Ph: 0274629462
Email: mooremarketing0@gmail.com

CBOP Junior Appointments Manager

Rees Uerata
Ph: 0273731013
Email: teresaandrees@hotmail.com

Contact for local appointments relating to the following grades:
- Under 11/12/13
- Tai Mitchell
- Ellis Shield
- AIMS Games Sevens

Tournament Appointments Manager

Cam Russell
Ph: 0276989576
Email: cam@boprugby.co.nz

The Tournament Appointments Manager is responsible for appointing referees to the following weekend fixtures:
- Sevens Tournaments
- Tens Tournaments

Representative Appointments Facilitator

Cam Russell
Ph: 0276989576
Email: cam@boprugby.co.nz

The Representative Appointments Facilitator is responsible for ensuring the following levels of games have appropriate match officials appointed each week:
- Mitre 10 Cup / Farah Palmer Cup
- Global Rapid Rugby
- U23/”B” Representative
- U19/U18/U16 Representative
- All other representative matches played in Bay of Plenty region

Junior Rugby (Under 6-10) do not have registered referees formally appointed to their fixtures by the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union. Instead, all teams are required to provide associate referees and the home team is initially responsible for appointing a referee. If they can’t provide a referee, the visiting team is asked and if they can’t provide an associate referee. If not, then anyone can referee the game but the kids go to uncontested scrums.

As a registered referee, you’re allowed to referee junior rugby so long as it doesn’t interfere with your Bay of Plenty Rugby Union appointments. Just be sure that you’re not standing on anyone’s toes first. If a coach from the home team asks, then by all means go for it.

REFEREES: If you’re ever contacted directly from a club, school or anyone to referee a match other than Under 6-10, please direct them to our website's Referee Request Form. It is vital to the appointment process that all requests for referees come through the correct channel.

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