Best Sevens Referee

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Based off referee rankings at BOP-appointed Sevens and Tens tournaments, using ranking/points system via the lead Referee Coaches. Also includes events where there is an organised BOP representation e.g. Condors


This trophy was carved by referee Mate Samuels to recognize the support given to Bay of Plenty referees by Nick Briant. It is a ‘Toki’ which is an old Maori instrument used for carving. Nick Briant carved a path for New Zealand referees on the world stage in the 7’s game. It also represents to the recipients to carve their own future in world refereeing.

Nick’s involvement with BOP referees began in 2007. He made the national squad in 2009 and went to his first national 7s in 2010. He was called up to the 7s circuit in 2010 due to an injury and went to Adelaide and Hong Kong. Later that year he was selected for more tournaments and stayed involved for a couple of years. He left 7s to concentrate on 15s for a couple of seasons and then in 2014 was offered the opportunity to go back to 7s to try and make the Olympics in Rio – in which he was successful.  An amazing 7s career spanning 20 odd tournaments, including 2x Commonwealth Sames and Rio Olympics.


2019 Jamie Bell

2021 Neco Blank