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Laws Of The Game

Online Law Book

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The Laws of the Game can be found on the World Rugby Website by clicking on the image below:


Download a PDF copy of the 2020 Law Book by clicking here.

Laws Of The Game APPS

Download the "Laws Of The Game" APP for your device by clicking on one of the images below!

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New Zealand Domestic Safety Law Variations (DSLV's)

The current DSLV's can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

DSLV 2020 cover

2019 Match Rules Quick Guide

The 2020 Match Rules Quick Guide is coming soon

2019 Match Rules Quick Guide

Click here to download the 2019-Match-Rules-Quick-Guide PDF version

Laws of the Game - Question & Answer Version

Click the image below to download the 2020 Laws of the Game, adapted into a Q&A-style booklet.

Law Q&A 2020


If you would like to practice the law exam before sitting the online version, below are sample papers and their corresponding answers. Feel free to print these out and practice in your own time before sitting the online law exam. (NOTE - these relate to 2018 Law References, and as such there may be some minor discrepincies to current law).

Law Exam Sample Paper 1

Law Exam Sample Paper 2

Law Exam Sample Paper 3

Law Exam Sample Paper 4

Law Exam Sample Paper 5

Law Exam Sample Answers 1

Law Exam Sample Answers 2

Law Exam Sample Answers 3

Law Exam Sample Answers 4

Law Exam Sample Answers 5

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